"Studying in Antonio Raimondi was a very stimulating experience. With a program focused on humanities, students are pushed towards critical thinking and creativity, making us, the former students, leaders and real agents of change."

Pedro Aramburu

Coordinator of the program; UTEC Ventures, Lima

"I’d like to thank Antonio Raimondi school for being my first learning experience, a place where teachers bring out the best abilities of each student. In my case, it helped me reach one of the highest positions in the international banking sector."

Giorgio Trettenero

Secretary General of the Latinamerican Banking Federation; Bogotá, Colombia

"I’m grateful to Antonio Raimondi for the cultural formation and academic preparation I received in those early years. The experience of knowing other cultures and learning from great teachers was crucial to my development."

Anna Sofia Pisani

Graduate in Economic Development and International Cooperation; University of Florence, Italy